Emerging mobile services and the burgeoning IoT are set to revolutionize economies, businesses and the way we live. Highly efficient radio access technologies, latency-critical applications, and distributed computing, as applied in 5G networks, require unprecedented levels of timing accuracy. Increasingly, the success of any network operator will depend on an ability to leverage the most precise and reliable synchronization technology.

With our portfolio of end-to-end timing devices, we’re providing our customers with that crucial link to offering high-quality LTE Advanced and 5G services. Combining backhaul network timing, satellite-based synchronization and highly precise clocks with extended holdover, our family of OSA devices offers unparalleled resiliency and sub-microsecond accuracy. Scalable grandmaster solutions can even be combined with our advanced cesium clocks for ePRTC levels of accuracy.

Read more about how we achieve the incredible precision needed for next-generation mobile services. Meet our comprehensive range of agile timing devices designed and optimized for deployment from the core of the network right to the edge. Then explore how this phenomenally accurate timing is monitored with our unique Syncjack™ assurance suite, integrating the management of data traffic and synchronization all under one platform.

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