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We are delivering to contribute solutions to the wireless and wireline operators, internet providers and to the end users in many  practical solutions, new concepts introduction, training, consultation and providing the hardware and/or software integrated system, etc. we are trying to hear and understand the customers needs with its developments plans. We value our customers as our greatest and important asset. We believe in serving our customers with honesty and sincere hospitality establish fundamental, strong and mutual relationships. The relationships will eventually benefit a full trust and mutualism at both ends. Our professional technical competence and our team dedication enable us to understand the customers. Though the refreshment of customer feedback, we are continuously improving ourselves and striving to be more efficient, and become more competitiveproactive and innovative. We have shown our belief system thru many years, so we are proud we could serve our loyal customers. We have transferred our important solution components to our customers which still exist and under operation up to current days. It shows the customers appreciate and value our deliverables and services.

Secure Timestamping

Our NTP server solutions deliver network-wide precise timing to establish the exact sequence of events.

Ease of use and complete control

Our OSA 5420 and OSA 5430 are securely managed by our FSP Sync Manager software.

Meeting stringent requirements

Cost-effective and accurate synchronization distribution for next-generation technologies is no longer a challenge.


We are specialist for synchronization & network cabling equipments

Oscilloquartz pioneers of network synchronization technology for almost 70 years. Our innovative solutions assist enterprise organizations & mobile network operators to overcome stringent requirements for frequency & phase synchronization or addressing urgent footprint, power consumption & sky view limitations

Calnex is the world-leader in test and measurement solutions for Synchronization (PTP/1588, NTP, SyncE) and Wide-Area (WAN) Emulation.

Calnex serves market applications such as 4G/5G Mobile Infrastructure, Industrial Internet, Video Transport, Security, Enterprise and SD-WAN.

Plumettaz supports professionals to build network infrastructure for a connected world. Soon a century of development that introduced the latest technology in deploying telecom and energy cables.

Our machines always led the path to higher performance, connecting you to what matters most.

Marais is provider of solutions for the installation of telecommunication and energy networks, Marais joined the Tesmec Group in 2015.

Marais invents, designs and markets innovative machines to optimize civil engineering costs and provide quality work.

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Timing in Financial Trading

Timing in Financial Trading

Transparency is key in financial markets. For every transaction, it’s essential to have reliable data about who placed it, how it was processed and when exactly it was executed. Authorities need to be able to correlate information about each and every reportable event...

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PT OMNICOM (PT Omni Cakrawala Komunikasi)
Ruko Golden Boulevard Blok P7 – P8
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BSD City – 15323
Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia


+6221 – 531 613 66


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