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A compact and light Capstan winch series that combines a robust performance and yet an easy operation.

Discover our range of cable pulling winches.

Max pulling force: 11 – 20 kN (1100-2000 kg).

The chassis-mounted capstan-winch is designed for laying underground telecommunication or power cables in pre-installed ducts or open trenches as well as for subducting operations.

Its compact design and light weight allows use in tight spaces and its dual capstan system provides pull at constant speed and force.

The cable is automatically paid in and stored by means of a swivelling pulley at a fixed point. This design allows a low-tension winding, regardless of the pulling force and guarantees a stable and constant load on the wire rope, which increases its lifespan.

During the pulling operation, its adjustable limiter automatically stops in case of overload. Its reverse gear allows the cable to be safely and conveniently unwound.

Furthermore, our capstan-winches, thanks to the additional product “electronic assistant MP 50“, have the possibility to monitor and record the most important values during installation and to supervise the pulling force.

Available in 4 versions.


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