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Building of networks in urban and motorway environments




Performance of microtrenches for the deployment of optic and electric networks in urban and motorway environments.

Specific features

  • Easily usable road vehicle,
  • Sound-proofing of the components,
  • Excavated material loaded by suction,
  • No material nor dust thrown out during earth works,
  • Quick network deployment process.



  • Cleanliness of trenches and jobsite,
  • Vehicle traffic not interrupted during the works,
  • Limited disturbance to residents,
  • Increased safety of the work site,
  • Preservation of the road foundations,
  • Quick restoration of the road,
  • Reduction in building costs.

Sizes and weight of the unit

  • Length in working position :  approx. 13 m
  • Length in transport position : 10 m
  • Width : 2,50 m
  • Height : 3,60 m
  • Unloaded weight : 23 tons
  • Loaded weight : 26 tons
  • Excavated material loading capacity of the bucket : 6m³ abounded
  • Unloading height of the bucket : 1,50 m
  • Height of the bucket in lifted position : 5,50 m

Technical features of the cutting tool

  • Axially driven cutting wheel,
  • Cutting tool mounted on double pivot, cutting radius 9 m,
  • Side offset of the tool outside the machine, 250 mm opposite side from driving seat.


  • Download the datasheet in pdf format