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Equipment for cable floating with water designed for floating telecommunications and data transmission cables.

A flow of pressurized water into a duct supported by an additional mechanical pushing force (SuperJet™, CableJet™ or MiniJet™) allows the cable installation.

Advantages :

  • easy use
  • cost savings on infrastructure
  • possibility to install very long sections of cable safely over tortuous routes
  • increased safety for both personnel and cable (reduced friction coefficient by using water)
  • daily outputs increased
  • reduction of the on-site working time


Standard version Floating kit
Type 080-01
Application IntelliJet/MiniJet/CableJet/SuperJet
Type of engine Briggs & Straton Vanguard
Engine, cubic capacity [cm3] 392
Engine, max. power [kW] 9.5
Engine, max. RPM [min-1] 3600
Pump, flow rate [l/min] 100
Pump, hydraulic pressure [bar] 34
Dimension of apparatus l x w x h [mm] 1130 x 610 x 1065
Weight of machine [kg] 140
Total weight [kg] 171