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The IntelliJet™ monitors, supervises and records the performance of the installation to make your work more efficient. Thanks to its embedded platform generating a fully report on the installation results.

For cables Ø 4 to 16 mm and ducts OD 7 to 42 mm.

The IntelliJet™ is designed for blowing telecommunication cables (optical fibre, coax or multipair) or multiducts in preinstalled ducts and is based on a digital embedded platform with its associated sensors.

This smart device monitors, supervises and records the installation parameters. The Intellibox™ generates a detailed report, which can be exported in PDF format via Wifi, Bluetooth or Memory Stick. Its large colour, touch and resistive display makes it easy to read and use in all conditions.

Like the MiniJet™, it is a multipurpose device (4 in 1). Its design and high quality construction improve installation performance. Its components are selected and manufactured to meet the highest requirements.

A kit is available to upgrade all MiniJets into IntelliJets.

Standard versionIntelliJet with pneumatic drive
Cable dia. [mm]16-Apr
Duct OD [mm]Jul-42
Drive unitPneumatic
Max. air consumption of motor [m3/min]0.5 (at 4 bar)
Pushing force [N]0-300
Linear pressure on cable [N/cm]0-100
Max. speed [m/min]125
Max. air pressure [bar]16
Max. water pressure [bar]25
IntelliBox, TFT display size [“]7
IntelliBox, battery life [h]8
IntelliBox, protection rating [IP]65
Dimension of IntelliJet l x w x h [mm]518 x 372 x 299
Dimension of IntelliBox l x w x h [mm]270 x 248 x 182
Dimension of IntelliJet with case l x w x h [mm]620 x 420 x 340
Dimension of IntelliBox with case l x w x h [mm]620 x 420 x 280
Dimension of tools and accessories case l x w x h [mm]620 x 420 x 280
Weight of IntelliJet and IntelliBox [kg]27.3
Total weight [kg]60.2


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