When it comes to fibre accuracy and precise torque, the MicroJet™ blowing machine handles micro-cables like no other.

Discover our micro-cable and fiber units blowing machine (optical fiber, coaxial or multipair).

For micro-cables and fiber units Ø up to 8 mm and ducts OD 3 to 16 mm.

The MicroJet™ jetting machine is designed for blowing telecommunication micro-cables and fiber units (optical fiber, coaxial or multipair) in preinstalled micro-ducts.

This is a highly reliable jetting device with more than 20 years of service in cable laying and worldwide references.

This small, very light and easy to use jetting machine can also install long uninterrupted sections of micro-cables. In addition, its high quality design and construction increase the performance of the installation. Its components are selected and manufactured to meet the highest requirements.

Like all our Jetting devices, it is equipped with a distance and speed counter for a better control of the installation.

Available with pneumatic or electric drive. The pneumatic models are modular and are upgradable to the intelligent jetting device (Intelli-MicroJet™).