The MiniJet™ blowing machine provides the greatest flexibility to the market offering a virtual total project solution. Thanks to the possibility to install cable, micro-cable and microduct.

Discover our multi-task cable and fiber blowing machine (optical fiber, coaxial or multipair).

For cables and fibers Ø 4 to 16 mm and ducts OD 7 to 42 mm.

The MiniJet™ jetting machine is designed for blowing or floating telecommunication cables and fibers (optical fiber, coaxial or multipair) or multiducts in preinstalled ducts.

This multipurpose jetting machine (4 in 1) is easy to use for the installation of cables, micro-cables or micro-ducts by air or water injection, and covers the most common cable diameters.

This MiniJet™ jetting machine high effectiveness significantly increases daily production. The belt drive system ensures excellent cable grip without damage and the clamping system absorbs cable diameter tolerances. In addition, its advanced design and construction improve installation performance. Its components are selected and manufactured to meet the highest requirements.

Like all our Jetting devices, it is equipped with a distance and speed counter for a better control of the installation.

Available in pneumatic or hydraulic versions, it is upgradable to an intelligent machine (IntelliJet™).