Latest compact innovation of Plumettaz! Electric, digital, smart & connected – let the next generation blowing machines do the work for you.

Discover our new intelligent telecommunication micro-cable and fiber units blowing machine (optical fiber, coaxial or multipair).

For micro-cables and fiber units Ø 1.5 to 8 mm and ducts OD 3 to 16 mm.

Our latest jetting machine, the OptiJet™, takes the next step in the innovations offered for blowing telecommunication micro-cables and fiber units (optical fiber, coaxial or multipair) into pre-installed micro-ducts.

An intelligent cable jetting machine by excellence, the OptiJet™ meets the most stringent protection requirements of the new generation of cables that incorporate ever more fibers in ever smaller diameters.

A true operator’s assistant, the OptiJet™ is the only cable jetting machine on the market that automatically and quickly determines the maximum force supported by the cable, regardless of its diameter and construction. This unique feature, combined with a belt drive mode and a speed control mode, rather than motor torque, ensures optimal cable protection and the success of your installation.

The compact machine is easy to use thanks to an intuitive graphic interface, and its drive and clamping motors have a servo mode specifically developed for micro-cable installation. They are powered by long-life rechargeable batteries, which are sufficient for intensive use, day after day.

Another advantage is that the air from the compressor is only used for laying the cable which allows the use of smaller compressors, making the OptiJet™ an optimised solution, combining space and energy savings.

Finally, the OptiJet™ Reporting gives you unique access to a connected world of digital services available on an IoT platform. Not only does the OptiJet™ generate a detailed report, exportable directly, via its rugged tablet, by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but all cable laying and machine data are available in real time and simultaneously wherever you are, in the field or in the office. A whole new and evolving range of digital services is made available and accessible directly on the OptiJet™.

The OptiJet™ is a true field cable jetting machine and a worthy successor to the Microjet™. Its superior design and manufacturing, increase the performance and reliability of cable installation. Its components are selected and tested to meet the highest requirements and allow you to benefit from the latest technology and know-how of Plumettaz, the world’s leading manufacturer of cable laying equipment.

The OptiJet™ is available in 2 versions, the OptiJet™ and the OptiJet™ Reporting. Each bringing an innovative answer to the world of cable laying installation.