Meeting the increasingly stringent synchronization requirements of todays and future applications requires the implementation of a primary reference clock (PRC) source at central network office locations that generates ITU-T G.811/Stratum 1 frequency signals with accuracy greater than ±1 x 10^-11 at all times. Our OSA 3230B can do even more.

Next-generation telecommunication networks such as radio access networks for mobile communication require precise synchronization for active interference management, effective transmission of voice, video and data services and must guarantee a superior user experience. Also legacy networks depend on an accurate frequency signal to minimize pointer adjustments originating from frequency misalignment in the SONET/SDH payload.

Our OSA 3230B provides a frequency source with accuracy better than ±1 x 10^-12 during its entire lifetime and is ideal for enhancing overall network performance and preventing up-stream network clock errors from propagating across the entire network.


Tags: Cesium, Cesium Clock, Master Clock, Time & Frequency