Poles as well got their specific winch series to build and maintain the overhead line network in the most suitable way.

Rope dia: 6-7 mm.

The pole winch is designed for the construction and renovation of light overhead lines or networks.

Most of the low-stretch synthetic cables or telecommunication steel cables (ADSS, fibre optic cables, ABC power cables, cables with aluminium conductors and single conductor cable) can be installed on span distance up to 150m.

Light, easy to transport and to setup, its simplicity of use ensures better daily performance. It is equipped with a dead man’s protection that guarantees safe work.

Its bi-directional mechanical device makes possible to maintain a continuous control over the tension avoiding any risk of loss of traction. In addition, the shaft on the drive unit makes it easy to remove and replace the drum. It is therefore possible to reuse this unit as a pay in/out mechanism on cable transport trailers or in various other options to allow recoiling or traction work.

It is available as drum pole winch or as a capstan pole winch, with pneumatic or hydraulic drive.

The drum version is equipped with a winding arm to ensure a good distribution of the cable on the spool and the capstan pole winch version with its two diameters ensures constant force and pulling speed from start to finish.

Download Datasheet Pole Winch