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The SensoJet™ handles the oil & gas industry specific requirements bringing the fibre to the very heart of the process to get sensor’s information.

For optical fibre Ø 0.1-0.5 mm and duct OD 2-10 mm

SensoJet™ is designed for the installation of distributed fibre optic sensor (DFOS) in pipelines for the oil & gas industry and for monitoring the integrity of energy transmission and distribution networks. It can also monitor wells and reservoirs, seismic and safety applications, underground and submarine power cables.

Compact, lightweight and easy to use. Its advanced technology allows the installation of fibers over very long distances, reduces the number of splices and connections and results in reduced stress on the fiber during installation. The Distributed Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor (DTS), Distributed Fiber Optic Acoustic Sensor (DAS), Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensor (DTS/DTS or DSS) and Quasi-Distributed Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor (DCS) provide the ability to accurately detect temperature, acoustics or strain.

Like all our Jetting devices, it is equipped with a distance and speed counter for a better control of the installation.