Sidecut Trenching Machine




Making cuts for the deployment of fiber optic networks in a urban environment FTTH.

Specific features 

  • Dry microtrenching with a vaccum system in option,
  • Limited size of the vehicle, which allows cutting in sidewalks,
  • Sound proofing of the components,
  • No blasting and no dust during the burying works,
  • Quick network deployment process.


  • The microtrench and the job site are clean,
  • Speed of execution,
  • No disturbance to pedestrians during the works,
  • Limited disturbance to residents,
  • Increased safety of the jobsite,
  • No damage to road foundations,
  • Sidewalk can be used again very soon,
  • Reduction in building costs,
  • Trenching in curbs.

Sizes and weight of the unit 

  • Length in working position  : variable according to the adapted tool
  • Length in transport position : variable according to the adapted tool
  • Width : 1,10 m
  • Height : 1 m
  • Weight with tool: between 4 and 4,5 tons, depend of the tool

Technical features of the cutting tool 

  • Cutting depth : from 250 to 800 mm
  • Offset of 150 mm