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With the largest operational range, the SuperJet™ provides outstanding results to the most demanding requirements.

For cables Ø 9 to 32 mm and for ducts OD 20 to 63 mm.

The SuperJet™ is designed for blowing or floating telecommunication cables (optical fibre, coax or multipair) or multiducts in preinstalled ducts.

In addition to its ability to install a wide range of cables, it is also well suited for laying multitubes. It is very easy to use and comes with a toolbox containing all the tools needed for maintenance and services. Its clamping system ensures good cable grip without damage while absorbing tolerances of the cable diameter.

Like all our Jetting devices, it is equipped with a distance and speed counter for a better control of the installation.

Available with hydraulic or pneumatic drive.

tandard versionSuperJet with hydraulic drive
Cable dia. [mm]Sep-32
Duct OD [mm]20-63
Drive unitHydraulic
Pushing force [N]0-700
Linear pressure on cable [N/cm]0-94
Max. speed [m/min]60
Hydraulic power pack, type of engineHonda Gasoline GX200
Hydraulic power pack, type of engineHonda Gasoline GX200
Hydraulic power pack, engine, max. power [kW]4.1
Hydraulic power pack, engine, max. speed rpm [min-1]3600
Hydraulic power pack, pump, delivery rating [l/min]17
Hydraulic power pack, pump, hydraulic pressure [bar]70
Max. air pressure [bar]12
Max. water pressure [bar]25
Dimension of apparatus l x w x h [mm]915 x 260 x 410
Dimension of apparatus with case l x w x h [mm]970 x 380 x 440
Dimension of tools and accessories case l x w x h [mm]600 x 400 x 250
Weight of machine [kg]37
Total weight [kg]152


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