Connected to any electrical drill, the UltimaZ™ P2P jetting machine handle micro-cables FTTx in the simplest way.

Discover our FTTx micro-cable blowing machine inside and outside buildings, powered by electric drill or screwdriver.

For FTTx micro-cables Ø 0.8 to 4 mm and micro-ducts OD 3 to 12.0 mm.

The UltimaZ™ P2P jetting machine is designed for pushing and blowing FTTx micro-cables both inside and outside buildings or premises.

This small, light, easy to prepare and use jetting machine requires no tools to get started. It works with most types of electrical drills and screwdrivers.

These jetting models with adjustable (V20) or fixed (F) pushing forces are equipped with a distance and speed counter for a better control of the installation.

Available in 5 different versions, each of those jetting devices are modular to suit your requirements. The “Pusher” model is designed exclusively for pushing.