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Large power cables for the energy distribution are in the hands of the Watucab™, which can handle the highest requirements and offers several options to interconnect the grid.

Max. pushing force 1350 daN (1350 kg). Admitted single cable Ø 32 – 160 mm. Admitted triple cables Ø 3x 25 – 3×65 mm.

Watucab™ is designed for installing underground cables for low, medium and high voltage power networks. Especially effective over long distances and tortuous routes, it enables higher performance than that achieved with conventional installation techniques. In addition, Watucab™ benefits from the latest technological innovation combining floating, pushing and pulling with water or free floating.

A quick installation of this compact and mobile equipment, as well as a high cable laying speed increase daily productivity. Its use requires fewer operators, reduces the number of connections and the number of access chambers. The costs of civil engineering works thus become the most competitive on the market. All operations are located at a single entry point, which facilitates and secures installation.

This method avoids the synchronization and high installation forces required by traditional cable laying methods. The risk of damaging cables disappears.

Standard version WATUCAB
Single cable dia. [mm] 45 – 130
Triple cable dia. [mm] 3×25 to 3×55
Duct OD [mm] 100 – 225
Max. pushing force [daN] 1350
Max. speed [m/min] 13
Max. hydraulic delivery rating [l/min] 40
Max. hydraulic pressure [bar] 148
Pump, max. flow rate [l/min] 0 – 600
Pump, max. pressure [bar] 0 – 15
Length [mm] 2840
Width [mm] 1050
Height [mm] 1250
Weight of machine [kg] 510