About Us


Innovation and application changes leaps in the world of telecommunications and information technology world has been continuously influence in the area of business practise, social and individual behaviours, lifestyle, acceleration in the information exchanges and many changes that applies in all human life aspects. It implies to the simple social communities, social elites, professionals, bureaucrats, business and social organizations, etc. The new technological evolution is heavily absorbed in the human life, so one of the impacts is the acceleration of the cellular subscribers’ growth and internet users’ growth. The significant growth in the cellular users has developing numbers of world class operators, who are eagerly to introduce the new generation and up to date technologies, in order to anticipate the market movements and the new customers needs thru improving the network efficiency and the network performances with a qualified, professional, proactive and skill full human resources backup.



We are delivering integrated solution to application of precise synchronization for critical network infrastructure in industries:  mobile & fixed operators, defense, finance, IoT, internet content providers, metrology & laboratorium department, cable network operator.

Further more, we also provide modern cable installation equipments  to speed up process of installation and to improve the quality of results.

We contribute integrated solutions in many  practical solutions, new concepts introduction, training, consultation and providing the hardware and/or software integrated system, maintenance, etc.

It is our honor to be Business Partner in Indonesia of World Class Companies with the brands: Oscilloquartz, Calnex, Plumett, Marais.



We are trying to hear and understand the customers needs with its developments plans. We value our customers as our greatest and important asset. We believe in serving our customers with honesty and sincere hospitality establish fundamental, strong and mutual relationships.

The relationships will eventually benefit a full trust and mutualism at both ends. Our professional technical competence and our team dedication enable us to understand the customers. Though the refreshment of customer feedback, we are continuously improving ourselves and striving to be more efficient, and become more competitiveproactive and innovative.

We have shown our belief system thru many years, so we are proud we could serve our loyal customers. We have transferred our important solution components to our customers which still exist and under operation up to current days. It shows the customers appreciate and value our deliverables and services.

Operation Office

PT OMNICOM (PT Omni Cakrawala Komunikasi)
Ruko Golden Boulevard Blok P7 – P8
Jalan Pahlawan Seribu
BSD City – 15323
Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia


+6221 – 531 613 66